Overnight Camps for Teens & Leadership Training

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Teens & Leadership Summer Camps are full of energy and all the best that Pioneer Camp has to offer!  Programs are geared towards junior and senior highschool students with epic adventures and life changing experiences. We’ve got amazing facilities for you to explore horseback riding, out-tripping, canoeing, wall climbing, archery, swimming, sports, and much more! You will also have the incredible opportunity to learn about God’s love and to discuss what a relationship with Him could look like.
We also run leadership training programs for teens who are wanting to grow in character and leadership ability as well as to learn how to make a difference for Christ in their home communities.

Teens & Leadership Camps (Pioneer Ranch, Rocky Mountain House)



Ages 12 - 14 | Co-ed

This camp offers early teens the chance to do just what its name implies—breakaway! Taking a break from their everyday routines, campers will experience a week packed with challenges and adventure. From activities like archery, horse-back riding, wall-climbing and canoeing to daily Bible study discussions and an incredible overnight camp-out, Breakaway offers campers the opportunity to explore their faith, new friendships and the great outdoors! Sign your camper up for Breakaway today!

Junior Skills Zao

Ages 12 - 14 | Co-ed

Zao (pronounced Zay-oh) means to live, breathe and enjoy life! During Zao, campers will get the chance to grow and flourish in one of the following areas:


Ride: This track is all about horses! Participants will get hands-on experience in basic horse grooming, care and maintenance, all while developing their riding skills each day. They’ll discover what horses can teach them about God, themselves and the world around them.

Note: this track is limited to 30 campers.


Paddle: This track takes campers out into Crimson Lake where they’ll learn to paddle a 2-person tandem canoe before trying their hand paddling the mighty North Saskatchewan River! It’s a week full of rapid thrills and mountainous adventure as campers bond through their shared challenges and triumphs.

Note: this track is limited to 20 campers.


Zoom: This track endeavors to capture the beauty and reality of life around us! Designed with the fine-arts enthusiast in mind, Zoom provides campers with ample time and space to stop, take note of the details around them and capture them through photography, painting or sketching. Each day they will focus on a particular skill, technique or project, and each evening they’ll share their work and tell the story of what inspired them.

Note: this track is limited to 20 campers.


In addition to the track-specific activities, Zao incorporates all the best-loved camp games, too! Wide-games, swimming, archery and canoeing are just a few of the options, while campers discover more about God through an overnight camp-out on the land, daily Bible studies and stories shared by staff. This is a week they won’t want to miss!


If your child is ready to take their skills to the next level, we also offer a Senior Skills Shefa program to build on what they learned in Zao.

Senior Girls Camp

Ages 12 - 17 | Girls

Senior Girls is one-part camp and one-part wilderness adventure! For the first five days, it’s all about the classic camp experience: hiking, canoeing, horseback-riding, wall-climbing, arts, theatre and, of course, daily Bible discussions. They’ll be challenged to grow in their physical skills, friendships and in their faith.

For the next five days, the younger girls (age 12) will be led through a specially-designed out-trip that introduces them to the fun of wilderness camping, while the older girls (age 13-17), will get to choose their own adventures, picking between backpacking, river canoeing and horseback-riding out-trips.


Each out-trip gives the girls quality time with their staff and fellow campers to hear stories of faith, learn new skills and be challenged. At the end of the trip, they’ll return from camp to share their stories!


Is your camper ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Senior Boys Camp

Ages 12 - 17 | Boys

Senior Boys is where camp classics meet wilderness adventure! First, senior boys will take part in the best that camp has to offer: five days of hikes, crafts, canoeing, horseback-riding, wall-climbing and daily Bible talks. They’ll be challenged to grow in their hands-on skills, their friendships and in their relationship with God.

After that, it’s five days of pure adventure! The youngest boys (age 12) will be introduced to the fun of wilderness camping through a specially-designed out-trip. The older boys (ages 13-17) will pick between a backpacking, river canoeing or a horseback-riding out-trip.

On each trip, the boys will spend quality time with their counsellors and fellow campers, hearing stories of faith and being challenged to try things they’ve never done before! At the end of the trip, they’ll head back to camp and share their stories!

Senior Skills Shefa

Ages 15 - 18 | Co-ed

Shefa (pronounced Safe-ah) means abundance! After taking part in Junior Skills Zao, participants of Shefa will expand their skills in one of three tracks:


Ride: This track takes horsemanship to the next level as participants spend half of each day at the barns, advancing their skills in groundwork, training and theory. The other half will focus on their mounted riding skills, including control, correct positioning, training techniques, arena riding and trail riding. They’ll be experts in all things ‘horse’ before you know it!


Paddle: This track expands upon tandem-canoeing learned in Zao. Campers will set out into Crimson Lake for a refresher course before tackling the rapids and eddies of new stretches of the North Saskatchewan River. It’s a week of physical and mental challenges as campers face the river’s obstacles and triumph through teamwork.


Zoom: This track dives deeper into visual art as a means of story-telling. Designed for the more experienced artist, Zoom creates spaces to stop and notice beauty in the little things. Through photography, painting or sketching, participants will tackle more advanced techniques as they create visual stories each day. In the evenings, they’ll show their work to the group, sharing the story of what inspired them.


In addition to the track-specific activities, Shefa incorporates all the best-loved camp games, too! Wide-games, swimming, archery and canoeing are just a few of the options, while campers discover more about God through an overnight camp-out on the land, daily Bible studies and stories shared by staff. They won’t want to miss it!