The LEAD program is an 8-month opportunity that will change the way you lead for a lifetime. Practical, real-world skills and experiences are the primary teaching tools for character, spiritual and leadership development.


The LEAD program is for qualified young adults (ages 17/high school graduate – 25) who have a demonstrated aptitude for leadership, a genuine interest in growing spiritually, and a desire to express an active faith.


The key components will be:


A key component of the LEAD program is the spiritual development of the participant in their Christian faith and life. They will be involved in Bible studies, book studies, attending church and practising spiritual disciplines. Intentional focus will be given to spiritual development and engaging faith in life and ministry.

Leadership development occurs as participants are exposed to all aspects of leadership both in theory and practice. Through practical teaching and supervised experience, each participant will grow in their understanding of ministry and leadership. During the 8 months, participants will gain practical experience serving the year-round ministry of camp including working with churches and school groups.

A key outcome is for each participant to have strengthened character so they are able to thrive personally and relationally. Participants will be living in community. Experiential lessons in character development will occur as participants are stretched and challenged in their responsibilities, attitude and relational skills. Specific teaching and books studies will address issues of integrity, personal values, and conflict resolution. Through Bible study and teaching participants will be developing a Biblical perspective on current social and moral issues.

Participants will grow in practical skill development and excellence in work through hands-on experience rotating through a variety of areas including: Outdoor Education and Retreats, working in food service, facilities (maintenance and cleaning) and administration. The primary work will be done hosting church, school and community groups, as well as providing program activities for them. There will also be practical training provided in safety, food handling and program training.

Some Facts…

Overview: The LEAD Program (Leadership, Experience and Discipleship) is an 8 month opportunity that will change the way you lead for a lifetime. Practical, real world skills and experiences are the primary teaching tools for character, spiritual and leadership development. You will be challenged and stretched as leadership is taught in the context of adventure and community.

3 Main Components of the LEAD Internship:

Leadership Development

  • Attend all LEAD events and teaching sessions
    • Tuesday and Wednesday Teaching Days
    • Bi-weekly Tuesday LEAD dinners
    • Monthly Community Days
    • Be engaged in community
    • Completing any LEAD learning assignments (reading, reflections, speeches, etc.)


  • Meeting with a mentor weekly/biweekly
  • Attending LEAD teaching sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday

Work Experience

  • Basic Site Maintenance
    • Examples: Replacing Light Bulbs, Snow Removal (Shovelling and Graveling), Painting (Interior/Exterior), etc.
  • Hosting Groups
    • Partnering with the Hospitality Manager to welcome and care for the Guest Group throughout the duration of their stay at camp
  • Housekeeping
    • Cleaning Pre-Group Arrival, During and Post-Group Departure
  • Teaching Outdoor Skills to Year Round Guest Groups
    • Climbing, Horseback Riding, Outdoor Camping Skills, Archery, Hiking, Canoeing
  • Facilitating Group Discussions and Learning for Year Round Guest Groups
    • Example: Team Building and ITC


  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ and desire to grow as a follower
  • Teachable, helpful, friendly, hard-working, maintain a positive attitude, reliable, flexible, and a team player
  • Minimum age 17
  • Police clearance via Police Reference Check
  • Signed Statement of Faith Agreement & Code of Conduct Policy
  • Standard First Aid (if you do not already have your Standard First Aid, PCA will help facilitate getting that certification for you)

Length of Internship: September to April (Exact start/end dates determined on a yearly basis.)


An Overview of Daily Activities and Expectations:

  • LEAD Days
    • These are our teaching/learning days.
  • Guest Group
    • When Guest Groups are present on site, we focus our attention on caring well for their needs and providing the services they require. For many of the groups it means leading activity blocks, serving meals, and helping with dishes. Will be required to assist as directed with cleaning and sanitization procedures as directed by leading health authorities.
  • Work Project
    • When there is no Guest Group booked in at either of our sites (the Lodge or Ranch) and it is not a LEAD day, LEAD interns will assist with Lodge or Ranch site maintenance projects. These projects are diverse in nature and can include things like: painting, cleaning, fixing, snow removal, etc.
  • Sabbath/Off
    • These are your days for rest. Generally interns get Sunday afternoon until Tuesday morning OFF. It is our hope to schedule 2 days off per week. Monday is always OFF unless stated. If there is a group in on a Monday (a rare exception) then another day will be booked OFF in lieu.
  • Community Day
    • Community Days are days set aside for community bonding.There is generally one Community Day per month. Community Days can include: Trips to the city, Hiking, Skiing, etc…

The cost to you is your investment of time and energy as you respond to God’s work in your life through participation in LEAD Participants will receive a $175 monthly stipend plus room and board. Books and resources will be provided as part of the program, as well as some work equipment and uniforms.

Participants will stay on site at our Pioneer Lodge, Sundre location. There will be a common meeting area used for teaching. Each intern will have their own room for sleeping accommodations. Housing is provided at no cost as part of the program.

LEAD is an intentional and intense 8 month experience, starting at the beginning of September and going to the end of April. There will be time off in December as well as as well as opportunity for time off during the year, including a weekly Sabbath. The goal is to place participants in camp ministry or other active ministry following the completion of the program.

We are looking for applicants who are energetic, determined, hard-working and sincerely interested in growing in their faith. Each applicant must be a high school, college or university graduate. The application and interviews will help us determine your qualification and suitability for the program.

  1. To apply for the LEAD program, please fill out the online application and submit it.
  2. References will be checked.
  3. An interview date will be set up.

Apply for LEAD
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My Mountain Top Experience With LEAD


Jessica Grant joined Pioneer Camp Alberta’s 8-month Leadership, Evangelism and Discipleship program (LEAD) in September 2019. Jess is from Orange, Australia and, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had to return home earlier than planned in March. Jess was asked to share some reflections on her time in Canada, at Pioneer Alberta and being a part of the LEAD program.