8 Things to Do at Camp (or in the City) This Winter

Well, the snow is finally starting to fall and really stick around, which means winter is truly upon us now. You may be asking yourself: “Does that mean that all the fun outdoor activities are done for the year?” By no means! As you likely already know, we LOVE to play outdoors at Pioneer Camp. The snow and cold will never change that!

There are lots of fun things to do outside, even in the winter, so we thought we would put together a list of 8 Things You Can Do Outdoors This Winter, both at camp or in the city.

Let us know which ones you try! (Stick around until the end of the list for a special bonus activity!)

  1. Build a Snowman. A classic! Dress up your snow-friend with a hat, scarf, and a carrot nose!
  2. Go Sledding. For us, nothing beats the rush of sledding down the front hill and across the lawn at the Lodge!
  3. Go Skating. Skating is such a fun winter activity to do with friends! Be sure to check the ice thickness if you are skating on a lake. Here’s a helpful guide.
  4. Make a Snow Maze. Stomp out a maze in the snow and see if your friends can find their way to the end.
  5. Make Snow Art. Fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of food dye. Spray the snow to create a masterpiece!
  6. Go Skiing. X-Country or downhill, skiing is great exercise and an awesome way to stay warm while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
  7. Go Snowshoeing. Snowshoeing allows you to explore areas that may have too much snow otherwise. Float atop the snow with your snowshoes strapped on and embark on a classic Pioneer Camp adventure!
  8. Enjoy some Hot Chocolate and S’mores. We love a good cup of hot chocolate and a s’more anytime of the year, but both are a great way to stay cozy after a long day of outdoor fun in the winter!


BONUS: Join us for New Year’s Camp! We will do all these fun activities and more this year at New Year’s Camp, December 30-January 2 at Pioneer Ranch in Rocky Mountain House. New Year’s Camp is for anyone ages 12-19. Bring a friend and help us ring in the New Year in style!

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