Overnight Camps for Girls

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Girls Camp is a place bursting with exciting experiences like camp-wide games, action-packed program and theme events, swimming, horseback riding, sports, crafts, and the opportunity to build great friendships.
At the heart of Girls Camp is the opportunity to grow through learning new skills, experiencing creation and enjoying laughter, friendship and the joys of living in community. We also seek to create a fun place for every young woman to build authentic and lasting relationships with God, who loves them and wants them to discover the potential of who they were created to be.


Registration opens in November

Girls Camp Programs


Senior Girls Camp (Pioneer Ranch, Rocky Mountain House)

Ages 12 - 17 | July 17 - 30

This two week camp is all about deep friendships, skill development, challenging experiences, lots of laughter, and learning about God! Activities include daily Bible discussion time, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, wall climbing, arts, and drama. After five days at camp, the girls will spend five days off-site on a small group Wilderness Out-Trip that will create an opportunity to grow in many new ways and challenges. They will then return to site to share their stories and try new things!

  • Ages 12-13 will spend their first Out-Trip on one that has been specially designed to introduce them to the fun of Out-Tripping (details to be decided upon by the leaders of the camp).
  • Ages 14-17 will choose between Backpacking, River Canoeing or Horseback Riding for their Out-Trip.
During camp, staff members will share their stories of following Jesus Christ, giving campers an opportunity to explore faith.

Junior Girls Camp (Pioneer Lodge, Sundre)

Ages 9 - 11 | August 4 - 10

Junior Girls is a weeklong adventure that is packed full of exciting learning opportunities. Campers will experience new skills, engaging Bible teaching, camping out on the land, and many opportunities to boost their confidence. Archery, horsemanship and riding, themed crafts, wall climbing, mystery block, camp-out on the land, and rodeo are a few of the adventures that we use to introduce girls to the great adventure of the Christian life. Our goal is to encourage campers in their strengths and to invite them into fun-filled challenges. Due to an increased desire for horse time, there will be an added experience for the girls at the barns to participate in. A dynamic theme is incorporated into the week and girls will get to engage with the theme through program, campfires, and Bible studies. Come join us on the adventure!


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