Four Perks to Registering Early for Camp

It’s January–why think about summer camp? Well, apart from daydreaming about the warmer days to come, thinking about camp in January means reaping the benefits of registering for summer camp early!

Registering early for camp comes with some awesome benefits! Keep reading for four reasons why you should check “register for camp” off your summer planning to-do list.


1. You get to start dreaming of all the fun of Summer camp now!

Horseback riding, hiking, swimming in the pool and the lake, camping under the stars… It all starts with making a plan to go to summer camp. Registering now means you get to start dreaming of all the adventures that come with being at Pioneer Camp Alberta this summer!


2. Enter to Win a Tuck Swag Package!

Imagine being able to show up to camp with your camp t-shirt and tuck swag already in hand! That’s right the winner of our registration giveaway will win a T-shirt and a $15 gift card to our tuck shop! Entering the giveaway is easy: once you’ve registered, head over to our Instagram and Facebook feeds and let us know with a comment what session you’ve signed up for! Enter on each platform for an extra entry. The winner will be chosen by a random draw on January 31, 2022.


3. Secure Your Preferred Dates

Nothing’s worse than planning for your child to be at camp for a certain week only to find that week filled up when you go to register. It can throw your whole summer planning strategy out the window, too, as you try to coordinate time off from work with family trips and your kids’ extracurriculars. Spaces at summer camp continue to be limited as we keep every camper’s safety our top priority. And that means your favourite programs will fill up quickly. Registering early secures your preferred week at camp and ensures your child gets to try something new or revisit an old favourite.


4. Maximize Your Monthly Payment Plan

Another great reason to register early? Breaking down your camp payments. With more lead-time before the start of summer, your interest-free payments will be spread out at a lower monthly cost. That means less to worry about each week and more time to pay for your child’s week at camp.


There you have it! Four of our favourite reasons to register early for summer camp. The next time you sit down to do your summer planning, remember that registering for early means securing your favorite week at camp and the chance to win our tuck swag giveaway. It also means peace of mind around scheduling and payments.

If you want to kick-start your summer, you can register for summer camp 2022 here.