This Summer is Going to be #PureJoy

It’s going to be pure joy for everyone when you arrive at camp this summer. We’ve really been missing you!


Just think about: packing your backpack and sleeping bag, making sure you’ve got your favourite pillow and your swimsuit. Pure joy! That long ride out of town and into the country, and then the winding road that takes you right onto the camp property. For those of you returning after a long stretch of being away, it will be like coming home. For those of you coming for the first time, we’re doing everything we can to make you feel quickly at home.


We’re feeling the joy already as we put everything in order for your arrival. Sweeping out cabins and exercising the horses. Stocking the tuck shop with all your favourite snacks and specially designed t-shirts, caps and water bottles, just for this summer. Planning menus, with old favourites like pizza and some tasty new meals we’ve been longing for you to try.


The joy meter is just going to climb as you unroll your sleeping bag, pump up that pillow and stow your gear under your bunk. Imagine running across the front lawn at the Lodge for the first time. Saying hi to the horses. Dipping your toes in the lake. Hearing the bell ring for dinner. Smelling the campfire smoke.


We have moments of joy so often now, it’s hard to keep track! We love planning wide games and trail rides, putting all the archery equipment in order, and making sure the out-trip shack is stocked and ready. Our teams are preparing cabin devotions and campfire talks. We’re practising new tunes on our guitars and rummaging through the skit box to make sure we’re ready for, you know, even more joy!


Can you imagine it? Can you feel it? We can! Pure joy. That’s what we’re feeling as we think about welcoming you to Pioneer Camp Alberta this summer.

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