It’s November – why would anyone be thinking about summer camp right now?


1. Those memories, they just don’t fade

The late-night discussions with friends and leaders. The activities, games and silly songs that you still remember. The delicious breakfasts! We can still smell the pancakes and bacon… It’s all too much!


2. Missing all the great camp friends

It’s hard enough saying goodbye at the end of camp. Of course you’re thinking about people who became your best friends! People you walked to tuck with every afternoon. People you made silly faces at over the dinner table! Our sides are still in stitches!


3. Winter blues

Summer is over, done with, caput. But camp is coming! Remember how the warm, glowing sunlight feels on arms that aren’t covered in three layers of fleece.


 You know, who are we kidding, we cannot wait for camp!

Well the good news is that YOU CAN REGISTER FOR SUMMER CAMP 2018 RIGHT NOW! So while you may be like us and have the post-camp blues, registering early is a great way to relive a little piece of the summer. To think back on those moments and lessons that made camp the best time ever. And the added benefits are that you save AND you get to make sure you experience the week you want to have next year.
So don’t think about it another second! Click that button and register for a summer that you won’t forget!

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