Equipping for the future!

We are continually planning and preparing for our guest groups and campers being on site with us at our Pioneer Lodge (Sundre) and Pioneer Ranch (Rocky Mountain House) sites.


The operation of a camp requires many pieces of equipment, from the large to the very small. And they all add up. There are many departmental needs that you can contribute towards that will help equip Pioneer for the future in the areas of hospitality, food services, maintenance and barns.

What Do These Departments Need?



  • 3/4 ton Pickup Truck (new to us) ($5000)
  • Chafing Dishes for Kitchen ($270)
  • Medium sized Chest Freezer for Kitchen ($350)
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Stainless Steel Top for Kitchen prep table


  • Sea-Can or Cargo Trailer (new to us)
  • 3/4 ton Pickup Truck (new to us) ($5000)
  • Bath Mats ($10 each)
  • Chain Saw ($250)
  • Laptop ($800)
  • Living Room Size Area Rugs ($60 each))
  • Picnic Table or lumber to build it ($150)
  • Pots and Pans (3-6 quart saucepan, Dutch oven) ($40 each)
  • Push Lawn Mower ($300)
  • One Riding Lawn Mower ($2000)
  • Stand up Lockable Tool Box ($150)
  • Tin for another roof ($4000)
  • Twin Bed Covers ($35 each)
  • Woodstove for old senior washhouse ($500)


  • Helmets ($60 each)
  • 12 foot pressure treated rails (bundle)
  • 3-4 inch fence posts
  • Saddles ($500 each)
  • Saddle pads ($20-50 each)
  • Four Wheel barrows ($70 each)
  • Brushes
  • Headstalls & Reins
  • Horn bags
  • Pitch forks
  • Saddle Bags

How Do I Donate Towards Specific Items?

  1. Select Designation: General Fund.
  2. Comment Section: Enter the site and the item/s you would like to contribute towards from the above lists. (Examples: Pioneer Lodge: chafing dishes, Pioneer Ranch: chain saw, Barns: helmets)


If you would like to meet with us and talk about donation options or to hear more about our various projects/needs, please contact:

Daniel Waines, Pioneer Lodge Site Manager – [email protected]
Jim Ould, Pioneer Ranch Site Manager – [email protected]
Leticia Zimmerman – Pioneer Lodge Herds Manager – [email protected]
Ruth Lewis, Executive Director – [email protected]

Cheques can be mailed to:

Pioneer Camp Alberta
Box 660
Sundre, AB
T0M 1X0
Please indicate in the memo line which site and which items you are donating towards. (Examples: “Pioneer Lodge: Truck,” “Pioneer Ranch: Riding Lawn Mower”, “Barns: Saddles”)

Thank You


Thanks so much for all of your support! We have received a few much needed items for the barns and tool shed at the Lodge!

Brushes, halters & lead ropes, horn bags
Headstalls & reins
Reciprocating saw